by Constantin Chopin
Academic references by Charles H. Long

Cosmogonic models as frameworks for creative form making.

Parametric Art

The world as a structure of meaning and value has not appeared in the same manner to all civilizations. There are, therefore, almost as many cosmogonic myths as there are human cultures.

Cosmogonic myths are symbolic narratives for how the world began and how people first came to inhabit it.

T Y P E S   O F   C O S M O G O N I C   M Y T H S

Supreme Being.

Conscious, deliberate and orderly creative pattern - homology to the sky. The creation of the world is simultaneously an expression of the freedom and purpose of the deity.

i.e. In Egyptian myth, Kheper, the creator deity, says, “I planned in my heart.” 


Created order emerges gradually in continuous stages - homology to the earth. It is similar to a birth or metamorphosis of the world from its embryonic state to maturity.

i.e. Zuni myth:  “Anon is the nethermost world, the seed of men and creatures took form and increased; even as in eggs in warm places speedily appear . . .”

World Parents.

The world created is the progeny of a primordial mother and father - chaos exists prior to the apparition of both parents. The Mother and Father are symbol of Earth and Sky.

i.e. Babylonian myth, Enuma elish:  “
When on high the heaven had not been named
Firm ground below had not been called by name,
Naught but primordial Apsu, their begetter,
(And) Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,
Their waters comingling as a single body;”

The Cosmic Egg.

The egg contains the possibilities of a perfect creation, such as the creation of androgynous beings - procreation, rebirth & new life. The egg is a symbol of totality from which creation emerges.

i.e. Dogon myth, the creation deity begins the act of creation by placing two embryonic sets of twins in an egg. In each set of twins is a male and female; during the maturation process they are together thus forming androgynous beings.

Earth Divers.

An animal plunges into the primordial waters to secure a portion of the earth - this agent is a pre-human species. This version of the myth is probably the oldest version of this genre.

In still different versions of this myth, the relationship between God and the devil moves from companionship to antagonism; they become adversaries, though they remain as co-creators of the world. Hence, good and evil. 

In order to manifest the invisible, I believe in embracing both a Mythical, and Logical way of thinking. 

I believe in using stories as metaphysical frameworks for concepting creative processes. By connecting us to shared intemporal creative legacies - through making - we gain perspective, helping us to understand our place in the universe.


Step 1.

Defining Chaos.

In order to manifest visually the mythical dynamics at play, I used Processing - a flexible software sketch book.

float t;
void setup() {

Step 2.

The apparition of the primordial Parents.

Using code, I gave form to our two Primordial Parents. The Father being (x1, y1) and the Mother (x2, y2).

void draw() {
stroke(255, 255, 255, 20);
translate(width/2, height/2);
line(x1(t), y1(t), x2(t), y2(t));

Step 3.
Shaping matter.

Both the Father and Mother, navigate through Chaos, entangled in a permanent embrace. Their quiscent union - illustrated by the line that connects them both - shapes a new world as time passes.

//Primordial Father
float x1(float t) {
return cos(t * 10) * 100;

float y1(float t) {
return sin(t / 10) * 100;

//Primordial Mother
float x2(float t) {
return cos(t / 10) * 200;

float y2(float t) {
return sin(t * 10) * 200;

 “As far back, that is to say, as we have been able to follow the unbroken, scattered, earliest evidences of the emergences of our species, signs have been found which indicate that mythological aims and concerns were already shaping the Arts and the world of Homo Sapiens.”

Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By.

“A myth doesn’t describe the natural state of the world, but expresses the intentions of its teller, be that a storyteller, priest, artist, journalist, filmmaker, designer or politician.”

Rolland Barthes

My intention is to reveal the creative potential embeded in these stories, and cary the substance that make them, into the modern world.


by Constantin Chopin
Cosmogonic models as frameworks for creative form making.